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MYSTERY RAFFLE - Padro Import 204 by iluvhorses99
990 by iluvhorses99
991 by iluvhorses99
992 by iluvhorses99
Padro Import 205 by iluvhorses99
Padro Horse Import 200 by iluvhorses99
Has to be registered with PadroHorse after
Give me any details you want.
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F-310 Non materia piceae by iluvhorses99
Silver 3055 by iluvhorses99
21 Jump Street 2242 by iluvhorses99
Flynnagan Ryder by iluvhorses99
I can also add a simple background
And I can also do their information for you as well or format it, but that will be an extra 10 :points:
Fill out this form when ordering please;
Horse Design:
Anything extra?: 
Glow color:
Certain pose?:

For Earth by iluvhorses99
For Earth - 2 by iluvhorses99
Any horse; Fill out this form when ordering:
What style?Chibi or Realism or My style
Preferred Reference(If any):
Extra Information:
For Edith by iluvhorses99
CM - knowitall123 - 1/4 by iluvhorses99
CM - theZombieTrial by iluvhorses99
CM - knowitall123 - 2/4 by iluvhorses99
CM - queenified by iluvhorses99
Only 50 for each horse.
Fill out this form when ordering:
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Equine Secret Santa Project by AnimalArtKingdom
Watcher gift -- Iluvhorses99 by CrestedCreativity
Okay Ill be checking my account messages every so often but for now ill be kinda sorta leaving. It's not that I don't like you guys because believe me, I do, but like whenever I go to design or pick up my pen for my tablet to draw horses and stuff i loose interest and end up going outside. Plus I'm really trying to improve my soccer skills bc I want to go to college with a scholarship for it and im getting pretty good, if I do say so myself, and like now at all the times to get looked at I'm on the varsity soccer team plus i play for the junior varsity and im only a freshman so like, they all think 'damn shes a freshman she must be good if she made varsity and and plus plays for jv and a travel team who placed 2nd in the united states' which is kinda awesome btw. We lost on a self-goal from one of our defenders by accident, and you know what, for the first year of my team playing up a division im very very VERY proud that we even made it that far, and I ain't even mad. So yeah there is that and on top of that I just got accepted into dual enrollment for next year so that I can have my AS degree like 3 months before I even graduate as a senior and like i just keep getting all these tests and school work is biting me in the ass and like on top of that these last 9 weeks for school are getting brutal and like so. much. damn. work. like it's not fair but i guess that's what i get for putting all these AICE and AP and sophomore classes on myself. and like big state tests are coming up so a lot of homework and like just school work plus now i ride the bus so i have to get up even earlier and like walk to my bus stop and it takes F O R E V E R cuz it's so dark and im lonely and i get bored and just mope around so i leave early and thats making me get up EVEN EARLIER. plus plus plus im getting so much better with Angus/Moose and like he's improving so much and he's helping me improve myself, our favorite thing is to run around/lope(canter) around the side of my really long dirt road in the grass forever. It's so great. I mean I still get so much shit for so much stuff with my family like on my dad's side, my whole entire fucking family gets Olive Garden for their birthday dinners and like presents galore. And me and my mom get pizza from some crappy ass place down her street. And this year for my 15th, she get me a broken and all scratched up Dora clock. A FREAKING DORA THE EXPLORER CLOCK. LIKE AKHSFLKJ HSKDGH. AND ON TOP OF THAT I WORK AT A MOTHERFUCKING ZOO. A ZOO. ITS SO GREAT. LIKE THATS WHAT TAKES UP ALL MY WEEKENDS MINUS SOCCER, NO LIE. Oh and one last plus, I met a boy. A very very attractive popular boy who really shouldn't even look my way. Im pretty sure he likes me, I mean he almost kissed me today but I shut a barn door on his face. no wonder boys hate me, im ugly annoying fat and super duper awkward lmfao but i guess this guy is cool, he's a junior, he's spanish and oh man his body is hot. He is so damn fine. I literally cannot get over the fact that, just kjahksdjhg kh HIM>>>>. It makes me so happy. I like him a lot, like more than I've ever liked anybody before and this time id really like to spend time with him, and he lives  like three streets away from me so he's not that far. We'll if you read this far cookies for you and I love you. Hope you guys understand! Toodaloo!! <33

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Heeeyyy thanks for the fave lovey
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Thank you for the fav :D
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P-101 for iluvhorses99 by pony-bones
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Thanks a lot for the watch! :iconbummy3:
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KittycatNita Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! :la:
hawksgirl Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I sent a custom request,I love your designs;)
Thank you, and I accepted it :giggle:
hawksgirl Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Yay,thank you:)I don't care what color the Specking is:)
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